Ready to go next level?

I offer Business Coaching for purpose-driven leaders who want to start or grow their businesses — and need pushes, real talks, and accountability.

If you’re a coach, consultant, freelancer, small agency or startup, then I’m your guy.

What’s keeping you from doubling your impact — and your revenue?


A to-do list that never gets done


Processes that don’t work efficiently


Not knowing how to use a tool


Feeling stuck or overwhelmed


Doing everything yourself


Avoiding responsibilities


Unsure what to do next or where to get help


Having trouble building a team

What-ifs, oops, and how-do-yous — I’ll be here for all of it:

Plan your business

Build your website

Grow your email list

Create your webinar

Design your course

Launch your podcast

Build your team

Close more clients

My 1-month and 3-month coaching packages include all the support you need to see lasting results in your business:


Weekly checkins via phone or video, so you have the accountability and structure to see the results you want

video recording

Recordings of each session for your review and reference, so you never have to worry about missing something that was said

text support

Email and text support between sessions, so questions never have to wait long to get answered


15-minute Freakout Calls so you have someone to talk to when things aren’t going your way, or you don’t know what to do next

document review

Reviews of documents, designs, and proposals, because two heads are better than one — and my head is wired to uncover opportunity


All work organized in Google Drive so nothing gets lost, messed up, becomes incompatible, or keeps us from being focused on building your business

Don't just take my word for it...

Coach Shanita -

"...Luis understood and believed in my mission, and therefore made sure that every image, word, and design reflected my heartfelt message to clients...and eliminated the intimidation that comes along with this new process...."

Coach Shanita

"luis is a champion... taking a stack of my notes and a heart full of passion to create a site that way exceeded my expectations!  his skill, experience, creativity and his own special soul sauce brought my vision to life!  he captured and reflected my essence... he’s always there for me, and all his clients - listening and responding in a way that only he can - with sincerity, clarity and power!" 

annette diamantopoulos

Life Coach,
Isabelle Leighton

"... During our very first coaching session together, he completely changed my thinking and approach, and taught me simple actions I could take to take control of my time and energy... I experienced Luis's ability to take things that seem really complicated or overwhelming, and just simplify them into the 2 or 3 most important things... Working with him is just easy, he’s a straight-shooter and realist with an amazingly positive outlook who just wants to see you crush it."

Isabelle Leighton

Director, Equality Fund at Asian Americans for Equality
Alana Smith

"...The best part of working with Luis is his patience, particularly to your comprehension of technology and marketing.  He has great dedication to seeing your project through to fruition, but most importantly when you feel overwhelmed and overwrought, he is your cheerleader championing you on."

Alana Smith

Founder & CEO,
Ryan Letada

"Luis completely changed the game for me, and helped me develop the mindset to push through the unclarity so I could scale my company.... Luis helped me see results by making business planning easy and actionable... Since working with him I’ve learned what it means to value and further develop my personal brand, activate and cultivate a network, and stretch my thinking."

Ryan Letada

CEO, NextDayBetter

You’ve made it this far down the page. All that’s left is to take action!

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You’re ready to invest in the tools and coaching that you need to grow your ideas.

Now all that’s left is to take your first step. I’ll be with you every mile of the way.

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