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Luis' Favorites

Let's keep it 100%. Juggling a life, career, and side hustle is already... doin’ the most. Time is so precious, and I’m the type of person who just wants to know what's good, and what works.

Having made the mistakes, spent the money, and pushed through the confusion and disappointment, I want to spare you the grief. So, here are the tools that I not only sing praises about, but I actually, currently, use for my own business.

My promise to you is that I will be your entrepreneurial guinea pig, see what works, and only recommend the tools and services that keep my own biz going.

Some of the links below are my affiliate links, which means I get a commission if you decide to purchase or subscribe. This is a side hustle strategy I teach — so I'm doing a bit of walking the walk that I talk— but I want to make sure you know that any pricing you see will be the current public pricing, not more. In some cases, though, I'm able to hook up a referral discount!



WP Engine

Running my business successfully means serving people, like you — not getting bogged down with the technical stuff. WPEngine is a Managed WordPress hosting service, meaning they do all the heavy lifting on things like security, updates, backups, and site speed. I've used other services, but WPEngine has the best customer service teams, hands-down.

ConvertKit Logo


Once you get going, email marketing can get a little tricky. You might end up managing multiple sequences, segments, tags, and opt-ins. I'm a huge fan of ConvertKit because the UX design is just simple and intuitive. You don't have to do a whole lot of clicking back and forth to do some really powerful things, like create landing pages and automated email campaigns. 

Beaver Builder Logo

Beaver Builder Pro

"WordPress sites in minutes, not months"... and they mean it. Not only do I use Beaver Builder Pro + Theme for my own website, but this tool helped me earn thousands of dollars as a freelancer building websites for small businesses and solopreneurs. Click, drag, drop, customize, publish — that easy.

ultimate addons for beaver builder

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

Just when you thought web design couldn't get any easier, in comes Ultimate Addons. This plug-in gives you accesses to a library of pre-designed page templates and sections for Beaver Builder, making it almost too easy to have a professional, high-converting site in minutes. 

Canva Logo

Canva For Work

Canva makes it incredibly easy to create really beautiful and sophisticated graphics and social media assets in minutes. The reason I really love this service is because they do an amazing job of teaching design and providing tons of inspiration for business owners. I started with a free account and used it for a long time before I upgraded to Canva for Work.

G Suite

G Suite

G Suite offers everything I need to run my business from anywhere, anytime — email using my business domain, a business phone number, storage for my files, and tools for creating my best content. As I grew my business and started coaching and consulting, G Suite scaled with it, and offered all the tools I needed to communicate and collaborate with my clients. 

Fiverr logo


I started side hustling online on Fiverr, so I'm a liiittle biased here. Let me break it down — you could spend the next decade learning everything you need to run your business on your own and miss out on all the coins, or you could partner with a freelancer and fellow side hustler to solve your biggest hurdles to success... starting at $5. 


Tried, Trusted, True

I made the mistakes, spent the money, pushed through the confusion and disappointment — now, you don't have to. These tools and services help me help you, because they just work.