Lessons in Side Hustling


Your Coin-Stacking Strategy

Smart and simple planning — so you can click, click, copy and paste your way to a profitable online side hustle, without getting lost.

Design a savvy and sustainable business model, and learn the smart ways to earn side money while you're at your 9-5

Use simple worksheets to help you map your product, buyer, and profit plans

Discover what your ideal buyer really needs, and how to best price your offers

Access coaching from yours truly through the what-abouts, how-do-yous, and how-the-hecks

Learn the simple hack that Fortune 500 businesses use to maximize customer love and loyalty – to keep them coming back

The Side Hustler's Vault: lifetime access to blueprints, checklists, how-to guides and cheat sheets to help you grow your business.

Launching Fall 2017


Design a strong foundation to help your ideas take root

Lesson 1: Value Funnels

Most businesses focus on sales, but we know that really valuable products and services do much of the job of selling themselves. In this lesson, you’ll learn the strategies used by the most successful businesses to maximize customer love and loyalty to keep customers coming back.

Value Funnel
Buyer Plan

Lesson 2: Your Buyer Plan

You’re ready to build it, but will they come? This lesson gives you a simple framework for mapping your ideal buyer’s digital footprint and understanding their pain points. By positioning what you offer against that pain point, you’ll motivate valuable willingness to pay to drive your momentum.

Lesson 3: Your Product Plan

Bottle your Secret Sauce and put it on the shelf for sale. In this lesson you’ll learn how to package your talent and expertise into valuable products and services that your buyers will be willing to pay for.

Product Plan
Profit Plan

Lesson 4: Your Profit Plan

Once you know how to sell, what to sell, and who to sell to, it’s time to put numbers behind your intentions. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to price your products and services, and a simple formula for predicting your profit.

Launching Fall 2017

I’ll be with you through the what-abouts, how-do-yous, and how-the-hecks.