Ready to Make a Difference on Your Own Terms?

Side Hustle Scale-Up is a self-paced online learning experience for purpose-driven high achievers who want to start and grow an impactful online business — while making money.

Imagine yourself overcoming your fears, figuring it all out while holding down your job, knowing the next step to take — and building your dream business...


Improve your personal finances, and plan for retirement.


Make an impact in people’s lives through service.


Provide for your family and make sure they have what they need to thrive.


Bring communities together to learn and bond.


Take better care of your health with a more flexible way of making income.


Build a winning team.


Never say no to an invitation to an event, destination, or opportunity.


Create and design to your heart’s content.

We live in a time where you don’t have to choose between your passion and your income. You know it’s possible, because you’ve seen people do it before.

Coach, Coaching, Health Coach, Business Coach, Career Coach, Nutrition Coach

Business Coach

Teaching sales and marketing strategies to help small business owners around the world.

accounting, invoicing, report

Financial Planner

Advising young professionals on investing and retirement planning.

open book


Reading excerpts of writing to audiences all over the world from home, promoting new works.


Social Media Consultant

Leading a strategy session for a product launch with clients on the other side of the world.

editing tools, creative, logo


Making custom jewelry and teaching others how to DIY from the comfort of your studio.



Creating starter kits loaded with recipes and shopping lists for people with high blood pressure.

yoga mat

Yoga Teacher

Offering online training programs and wellness retreats for advanced students.


Language Instructor

Offering individual and group language learning webinars for students in another continent.

You’re here because you believe in doing meaningful work, you know you have something impactful to contribute, you’re ready to get clear — and get busy.

It’s time to build your dream business and lifestyle, because you don’t want to find yourself saying, “I wish I started a year ago, I could have been so far along,” or “ahh man, that was my idea!”

Whether you’re just getting started, or looking to scale, you’re ready to build a profitable and sustainable business that let’s you live life on your terms.

Believe me, I completely get it because I used to be exactly where you are. My name is Luis Baez, and not long ago I was miserable at my dream job.

To everyone around me I was doing really well. I had an amazing job at one of the most influential companies in the world, and things were going well — but the truth was I felt stuck.

Everything on paper and everyone around me told me I was successful, but I wasn’t doing what I loved or felt like I didn’t have anything to look forward to beyond the next promotion, or accruing enough days for a vacation.

I wasn’t using both sides of my brain, or any of my heart, and I was afraid to admit it — or do anything about it.

Long hours, crazy commutes, missed occasions, declined invitations, cancelled dental appointments, paying for a gym membership I didn’t use, and apartment looking a mess because there’s no energy left to clean.

There are failed relationships, spoiled groceries because there’s no time to cook, unanswered text messages and voicemails, getting burned out, being overlooked even though I was a top performer, disappointed loved ones. You name it — I’ve been there.

It took getting sick and series of family emergencies to snap me out of daydreaming about my dream business — and into taking action.

I needed options, flexibility, money, a sense of purpose, a change, a miracle, a drank, a hug, and some inspiration. My business wasn’t going to build itself, and mistakes were required to be successful, so I went all in.

The thing is, I was the first in my family to go to college and I’d moved to California on a whim with no job, friends or car — so building a business on the side from my dining room table (and with all the sales and marketing strategies I learned while at companies like LinkedIn, Google, Uber and Tesla), I felt like building my own online business would be a breeze.

Thousands of dollars in mistakes, hundreds of consultations that didn’t go well, a failed course launch, tons of rejections, a few unhappy clients, and a millions of changes to my website later…

… and I’ve created a step-by-step system for getting clear and building an online business with little time, money, patience or tech savviness — using tools and strategies that just work.

online business, blogging, consulting, coaching, freelancing, service, contractor, gig

And it turns out my system is repeatable because I’ve been able to work with other people to successfully build their dream businesses.

Don't just take my word for it...

Coach Shanita -

"...Luis understood and believed in my mission, and therefore made sure that every image, word, and design reflected my heartfelt message to clients...and eliminated the intimidation that comes along with this new process...."

Coach Shanita

"luis is a champion... taking a stack of my notes and a heart full of passion to create a site that way exceeded my expectations!  his skill, experience, creativity and his own special soul sauce brought my vision to life!  he captured and reflected my essence... he’s always there for me, and all his clients - listening and responding in a way that only he can - with sincerity, clarity and power!" 

annette diamantopoulos

Life Coach,
Isabelle Leighton

"... During our very first coaching session together, he completely changed my thinking and approach, and taught me simple actions I could take to take control of my time and energy... I experienced Luis's ability to take things that seem really complicated or overwhelming, and just simplify them into the 2 or 3 most important things... Working with him is just easy, he’s a straight-shooter and realist with an amazingly positive outlook who just wants to see you crush it."

Isabelle Leighton

Director, Equality Fund at Asian Americans for Equality
Alana Smith

"...The best part of working with Luis is his patience, particularly to your comprehension of technology and marketing.  He has great dedication to seeing your project through to fruition, but most importantly when you feel overwhelmed and overwrought, he is your cheerleader championing you on."

Alana Smith

Founder & CEO,
Ryan Letada

"Luis completely changed the game for me, and helped me develop the mindset to push through the unclarity so I could scale my company.... Luis helped me see results by making business planning easy and actionable... Since working with him I’ve learned what it means to value and further develop my personal brand, activate and cultivate a network, and stretch my thinking."

Ryan Letada

CEO, NextDayBetter

Whether you’re just getting started, have no ideas, too many ideas, or you’re looking to take your business to the next level, Side Hustle Scale-Up will help you:


Get clear about your goals and narrow down the steps you need to take


Plan your profits even if you hate numbers


Have better focus and not worry about what other people are doing


Design a brand that clients will love as much as you do


Build lasting relationships, so you never have to worry about revenue


Learn how to manage your own business like the boss you know you’re meant to be, including tech and marketing


Charge what you’re worth while feeling confident that you’re delivering value


Get more done in less time with step-by-step breakdowns and checklists

Here’s what you'll learn:

Side Hustle Scale Up Module 1
Buyer Plan

Lesson 1: Your Buyer Plan

Learn buyer psychology so you get a better sense of what people are willing to pay for, and what gets them to buy. Then, I’ll take you through an exercise to help you hone in on your ideal buyer so you never have to wonder where to find them again. Finally, you’ll narrow down exactly what people are willing to pay you for, so you can get busy delivering what they need.

Product Plan

Lesson 2: Your Offer Plan

This is your complete checklist for designing an unforgettable buyer experience that leaves people saying, “so… what’s next?” Applying everything you uncover in Your Buyer Plan, I’ll take you through the process of creating an irresistible stack of offers, step-by-step, so you cover all your bases and confidently package your expertise for your buyers.

accounting, invoicing, report

Lesson 3: Your Profit Plan

It’s important to know who you’re serving and what you’re offering. It’s just as important to set financial goals or you’ll never feel compelled to promote your offer. I’ll break down how to price your offers, which numbers to track, and how to predict your profits.

Side Hustle Scale Up Module 2
website, responsive, web design

Lesson 1: Your Site Plan

Think of your website as your 24/7 sales rep — you want to make the very best impression and experience for your visitors. Whether you decide to build your own site or get support, I’ll break down the terms, tech and tools to get the job done painlessly.

Lead Magnet

Lesson 2: Your Content Plan

Your website is your digital home, and content is it’s furniture. I’ll break down the formula for establishing your credibility, building your email list, and growing your loyal following.

email, email service provider, ESP

Lesson 3: Your Engagement Plan

Once your ideas are settled into their digital home, it’s time for a housewarming party! I’ll break down easy and powerful strategies for nurturing your email list and putting your content to work for you.

Side Hustle Scale Up Module 3

Lesson 1: Your Validation Plan

Once you’ve built a strong digital foundation for your business, you’ll be ready to shift gears and plan your first digital product. I’ll take you through an exercise, step-by-step, for validating your product idea before you spend money or time creating it, and then pre-selling to your first group of buyers.

Luis Favorite Tools and services

Lesson 2: Your Development Plan

This is my favorite part of the program! I’ll break down the process, tools, and checklists for creating and packaging your first online program — with confidence. I’ll take you through the design step by step so there won’t be any overwhelm.

filter, funnel, qualify, best fit, right fit, client, customer, buyer

Lesson 3: Your Sales Plan

Once your program is complete, it’s time to put the tools and tech to work for your business. I’ll break down the blueprint for your first automated sales funnel, then show you how to build it step-by-step. You’ll have templates and checklists to guide you and save you time.

business, consultant, business consultant, growth, growth hack, growth hacking, profit, results

Lesson 4: Your Growth Plan

With your email list-building and sales systems in place, you’ll be unstoppable. I’ll teach you the most effective strategies for getting your name out there and driving quality web traffic to your online business.

Side Hustle Scale Up Program Bonuses
handshake, influence, relationship, personal brand, client, buyer, student

The Closer's Formula

Once you complete Module 1, you’ll have the clarity and momentum to begin serving clients while you continue to build your marketing and sales systems. As a bonus with your enrollment, I’ll include full access to my signature sales program, The Closer’s Formula. You’ll have all the strategies, templates and checklists to get your sales engine going.


Your Webinar Plan

After completing Module 3, you’ll have the clarity and momentum to take your business automation to the next level. Webinars are an advanced marketing strategy, and I’ll break down the steps to building your own webinar system to compliment your Content and Sales Plans.

You’ll enjoy all of the perks of being one of my students:

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

As long as this program exists, you’ll have lifetime access to the content and will automatically receive any updates or additional content right when it’s released. You’ll always have the latest strategies, tools and advice at your fingertips.
Office Hours
Avoid feeling stuck, defeated or confused. Get answers to questions, reviews and direct feedback from me during weekly office hours. I’ll be live in a private students-only online environment without the distraction of social media.


Get started easily, and see results quickly, with done-for-you templates, blueprints and swipe files. Just customize for your brand and buyers, and get going without the overwhelm of figuring it all out or creating it all on your own.

You've got exactly what it takes to build your dream business. And with Side Hustle Scale-Up, you're unstoppable.

All the videos, audio files, swipe files and worksheets will be waiting for you when you log into the program portal.

You’ll never be behind because everything is designed for you to go at your own pace. I’ll see you inside!

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