Never Be Afraid to Ask What You’re Worth Again, So You Can Make a Bigger Difference in the World — and in Your Wallet

The Closer’s Formula is a self-paced online learning experience for purpose-driven entrepreneurs like you who want to predictably grow their impact and income — with total confidence.

Imagine yourself successfully closing more or bigger deals...


Feeling a sense of accomplishment and momentum.


No more anxiety about finding new clients.


Confidence that you’re the boss you know you’re meant to be.


Assurance that your business will continue to grow.


Money to reinvest in your business and get the help you need.


The time and location freedom that you deserve.


Peace of mind that you’re building a real business, not just a hobby.


Making the impact you know you're meant to make.

You’re here because you want to make a difference in this world and in your wallet, and you know that you could serve even more people with cash in the bank.

You’re done feeling like a failure, being afraid of rejection or hearing “no”.

Those icky feelings of being salesy, sleazy or slimy aren’t going to hold you back anymore.

You’re looking for a predictable and repeatable way to take a relationship from “hello” to “sign here” with integrity.

You understand that if your side hustle is ever going to build momentum and grow, you’ve got to get good at closing deals. And bigger ones. It’s an essential skill for your lifetime as a business leader.

Believe me, I get it. I’m Luis Baez, and I’ve been exactly where you are, stumbling over my words, drawing blanks while trying to answer questions, overthinking my offer, heart racing and palms sweating after putting my magic number out there… wondering how magical it actually is.

Even though I built a career in sales and marketing for over a decade that impacted over $150 million in revenues, while working at companies like LinkedIn, Google, Uber, and Tesla… selling my own expertise was a totally different ball game. Starting my own business required a whole new set of skills that I didn’t know I needed.

No one knew me from a hole in the wall, it wasn’t clear what I was offering, and I met rejection after rejection. At one point, I almost threw in the towel because I seriously started doubting I had what it took to build my dream business.

After taking a step back, combing through proposals and jotting down all the feedback I’d gathered, I reverse-engineered the whole process from end to beginning.

The result? I created a system for getting attention, earning trust, stacking value, and getting signed contracts.

The Closers Formula Framework

This changed the game for my business, and it turns out my system is repeatable for other businesses.

Don't just take my word for it...

Coach Shanita -

"...Luis understood and believed in my mission, and therefore made sure that every image, word, and design reflected my heartfelt message to clients...and eliminated the intimidation that comes along with this new process...."

Coach Shanita

"luis is a champion... taking a stack of my notes and a heart full of passion to create a site that way exceeded my expectations!  his skill, experience, creativity and his own special soul sauce brought my vision to life!  he captured and reflected my essence... he’s always there for me, and all his clients - listening and responding in a way that only he can - with sincerity, clarity and power!" 

annette diamantopoulos

Life Coach,
Isabelle Leighton

"... During our very first coaching session together, he completely changed my thinking and approach, and taught me simple actions I could take to take control of my time and energy... I experienced Luis's ability to take things that seem really complicated or overwhelming, and just simplify them into the 2 or 3 most important things... Working with him is just easy, he’s a straight-shooter and realist with an amazingly positive outlook who just wants to see you crush it."

Isabelle Leighton

Director, Equality Fund at Asian Americans for Equality
Alana Smith

"...The best part of working with Luis is his patience, particularly to your comprehension of technology and marketing.  He has great dedication to seeing your project through to fruition, but most importantly when you feel overwhelmed and overwrought, he is your cheerleader championing you on."

Alana Smith

Founder & CEO,
Ryan Letada

"Luis completely changed the game for me, and helped me develop the mindset to push through the unclarity so I could scale my company.... Luis helped me see results by making business planning easy and actionable... Since working with him I’ve learned what it means to value and further develop my personal brand, activate and cultivate a network, and stretch my thinking."

Ryan Letada

CEO, NextDayBetter

Whether you’re just getting started, or looking to take your business to next level growth, The Closer’s Formula will help you sell your expertise with confidence and integrity.

This self-paced online learning experience includes everything you need to build your own sales engine and fulfill your mission. Most importantly, you won’t have to do it all alone.

Here's what you'll learn:

Buyer Plan

Lesson 1: Your Buyer Plan

Learn buyer psychology so you get a better sense of what people are willing to pay for, and what gets them to buy. Then, I’ll take you through an exercise to help you hone in on your ideal buyer so you never have to wonder where to find them again. Finally, you’ll narrow down exactly what people are willing to pay you for, so you can get busy delivering what they need.

Product Plan

Lesson 2: Your Offer Plan

This is your complete checklist for designing an unforgettable buyer experience that leaves people saying, “so… what’s next?” Applying everything you uncover in Your Buyer Plan, I’ll take you through the process of creating an irresistible offer, step-by-step, so you cover all your bases and confidently package your expertise for your buyers.


Lesson 3: Your Proposal Plan

Pitch with total confidence. I’ll break down the 3-part process for taking a buyer from “hello” to “sign here”. Then, you’ll learn how to create all of your sales collateral and take you through a repeatable sales checklist, so you can focus on connecting with more buyers and propose an offer they can’t refuse.

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Lesson 4: Your Closing Plan

After successfully pitching and submitting your proposal, it’ll be time to execute your follow-up protocol. Applying everything you learn about buyer psychology and your buyers, you’ll be prepared to comfortably handle tough questions and objections to your offer. You’ll also learn a simple strategy for getting buyers off the fence and on your roster.


Lesson 5: Your Onboarding Plan

Once a client has signed on the dotted line, it’s time to kick off their unforgettable experience. I’ll show you the tools to automate your contracts and invoicing, so you can squash buyers remorse and get right to work delivering on the promise of you offer.


Lesson 6: Your Growth Plan

With a system and process in place for turning prospects into raving fans, you’ll be ready to introduce your offer to more buyers. You’ll develop your strategy to promote your offer, online and offline, and attract more leads.

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BONUS Lead Automation Blueprint

Learn which tools to use and how to bring them together, so you can spend less time finding and qualifying buyers, and more time closing on those proposals.

You’ll enjoy all of the perks of being one of my students:

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access

As long as this program exists, you’ll have lifetime access to the content and will automatically receive any updates or additional content right when it’s released. You’ll always have the latest strategies, tools and advice at your fingertips.
Office Hours
Avoid feeling stuck, defeated or confused. Get answers to questions, reviews and direct feedback from me during weekly office hours. I’ll be live in a private students-only online environment without the distraction of social media.


Get started easily, and see results quickly, with done-for-you templates, blueprints and swipe files. Just customize for your brand and buyers, and get going without the overwhelm of figuring it all out or creating it all on your own.

You've got exactly what it takes to build your dream business. And with The Closer's Formula, you're unstoppable.

All the videos, audio files, swipe files and worksheets will be waiting for you when you log into the program portal.

You’ll never be behind because everything is designed for you to go at your own pace. I’ll see you inside!

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